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Homemade writing slope

November 4, 2016 in Solution


Make your own using 3 easy items.

  • Use a strong A4 binder (this one is a 3D ring 50mm binder)
  • A clipboard
  • A non-slip mat (you can buy this by the roll, however I found my small non-slip mat used for turning jars worked perfectly).

Simply assemble and you are ready to use it!

This is definitely an economical way to make a slope board and is perfect for those wanting to try out a slope board before paying for a longer term item. This homemade version cost me less than $15.

Via Your Kids OT


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3D printed Pencil grip

September 28, 2016 in Solution


Via Thingiverse

A funky pencil holder to improve grip, why not make this and give it a go!

Download the design files

Our sponsor charity DEMAND Design & Manufacture for Disability will be happy to help if you don’t have access to a 3D printer, just get in touch via their website.

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Via Thingiverse

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