Cracked It – What’s it all about?

Cracked-it is an online platform helping disabled people connect with each other and with makers, designers and engineers from across the globe to find and share fixes, tweaks and hacks. By sharing practical ideas we hope more disabled people will find great solutions to every-day challenges. Get ready to say “Eureka, you’ve Cracked-It!”

How it Works

1. Set a Challenge

Have a problem with the products you use? Wish something worked differently? Challenge the Cracked-it community to come up with some creative solutions!

Post a description of the issues you face using a product you already own, or a problem you need solving even if no equipment exists yet! The Cracked-it community could provide a DIY fix, suggest something to buy, or maybe design something completely new that might help you (and others!) overcome the challenge.

Create an account now and post your challenge, or download the instructional PDF here


2. Share a Solution

Have a nifty idea that could help disabled people? Post it here! Whether it’s a quick DIY fix or designs to be manufactured, share your inventions on our open-source platform for people all over the world to benefit.

Share a tutorial or a video to explain your fix, and upload drawings or 3D files so people can give it a go themselves! If your idea solves a challenge posted by another Cracked-it member make sure to link your solution so other people looking for solutions can find it.

Create an account now and post your solution, or download the instructional PDF here.




Looking to chat? Share your experiences and talk with like-minded people in the Cracked-it community. We’re starting an accessibility revolution, where the products and fixes that make life easier don’t have to cost the world. Join the conversation and tell us what matters to you! If you’d like to view the full legals they can be viewed here 


If you’re ready to get started click here to go to groups, if you’re not sure how to use the groups click here to download the instructional PDF.

2 responses to Cracked It – What’s it all about?

  1. I think I have maybe found a place I belong. I have recently become disabled after a very physically, mobile, interactive life. Now, I am stuck inside my home, unable to go anywhere except doctor appointments. I have a good imagination, sewing, crafting, creating–no one to share with. My daughter is at school and sells the things I make. I also have a card campaign for state side military and Wounded Warriors.

    • Hi Sharon, I’m so pleased you like Cracked-it! I hope you’ll be able to put your creativity to good use and craft some things to help at home, please do share any tips or tricks you’ve found useful and of course get in touch with Cracked-it’s sponsor DEMAND ( if you need any help making, happy creating!

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