CRACKED-IT helps you do whatever you want to do and be whoever you want to be.

What is Cracked-it?

Cracked-it is an online platform helping disabled people connect with each other and with makers, designers and engineers from across the globe to find and share fixes, tweaks and hacks. By sharing practical ideas we hope more disabled people will find great solutions to every-day challenges. Get ready to say “Eureka, you’ve Cracked-It!”

How it works

Cracked-it is split into two main halves: "challenges" and "solutions". If you have a particular problem, you can set the Cracked-it community a Challenge to solve it. If you're a designer, engineer, maker or simply an enthusiast and you think you can help, you can submit a Solution to the set challenge!

Using our Groups forum you can chat with other like-minded people about hobbies and interests and share tips and tricks.

To read more about Cracked-it you can view our About us page.

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