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wireless sewing machine for special needs pupils and adults in schools for textiles

November 26, 2017 in Challenge

phillip shad has invented the wireless sewing machine for special needs pupils in schools for art/design. He is seeking an investor to take the technology to the next level. mobile 07860764636

Make your own cup holder

November 15, 2017 in Solution

This cup holder is a nifty addition to a wheelchair, walking frame or even a crutch that means you’ll always have the essentials to hand. Make it your own with an engraving!

Cup_holder mock up with bottles cups glass

How to make your cup holder:
1. Download the .DXF file and add your name or a motif to engrave
2. Load the new file to a laser cutter and cut out your cup holder
3. Use a line bender (strip heater) to make bends in the plastic
4. Thread 2 zip ties through the holes and attach to your wheelchair!

Download the Cup Holder digital design files

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3D printed bottle openers – Put to the test

November 13, 2017 in Solution

Bottle openers can give an extra helping hand for people with reduced grip strength, arthritis or other conditions affecting the fingers and hands. Get a grip on that lid and take a swig in style with your very own 3D printed bottle opener – but which should you choose?!

Digital design and manufacturing means we are no longer beholden to the restrictions of mass manufacturing. But with so many designs to choose from online – how can you tell which will work for you?! We’ve put 15 designs to the test to give you an idea…

Bottle openers featured in our test:

  1. Water bottle opener by Perry Cain
  2. Bottle opener by HeinPragt (Winning Design)
  3. Bottle Opener by Matthew Young 237
  4. Water bottle opener by zachnikatel
  5. Bottle opener 3d model by just4fun
  6. Bottle Opener by pelmen
  7. Soda Bottle Opener By Mdekato
  8. Easier Bottle Opener by Mart456
  9. Bottle Opener by McMikel (Winning Design)
  10. Soda Pop Bottle Opener by Kayee
  11. Screw cap bottle opener by FilipPeeters (Winning Design)
  12. Water bottle opener by i3DGear
  13. Bottle Opener by ab3D-Brazil
  14. Bottle Opener by STEVEWBART (Winning Design)
  15. Tri-Bar Water Bottle Cap Wrench by chetjohnston





Remember to click the ‘This Solution Helped Me’ button at the top of the page if you give this a try!

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