Cozy IV-Friendly Tunic

August 30, 2021 in Solution

IV friendly tunic I developed this design for my own hospital stays. When you have an IV for an extended period, adding or removing warm layers requires unhooking your line. This tunic completely unfastens down both sides so that you can take it off or put it on while one arm is tied to an IV pole. […] Read the rest →

Wheelchair Seat Cushion Cover

June 18, 2020 in Solution Individuals with disabilities who are wheelchair bound often require medical devices such as urinary bags. Typically these devices are exposed and can be embarrassing when visible in public. Often such devices are hidden under baggy long pants or clothing, and the individual in the wheelchair has very limited clothing options, partic [...] Read the rest →

3D printable Exoskeleton arm design

June 18, 2020 in Challenge

Exoskeleton arm design This is a preliminary work in progress design for an open source 3D printable exoskeleton arm brace to assist the disabled to raise their arm.  As someone with a form of muscular dystrophy called SMA, I have significant difficulty lifting my arms.  Similar devices exist, but they are cost prohibitive for most […] Read the rest →

Stand up toilet for women

September 19, 2019 in Challenge

My daughter 23 has Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressivia  a very rare condition where bone grows on muscles tendons . Her hips are locked where bone has grown. She needs a stand up toilet as she cannot sit.  It would need to be something that she could perhaps lean back on . To find out more about […] Read the rest →

Eye Gaze Frame

April 6, 2018 in Solution

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 15.01.35

Eye gaze frames (also called E-Tran or Eye Transfer frames) can help physically disabled people who are also non-verbal to communicate through eye movements. Any symbols or letters can be fixed to the clear plastic frame, enabling two people to communicate when looking through the frame. This is a low-tech and versatile solution allowing people to […] Read the rest →

Wheelchair fencing practice frame

March 21, 2018 in Solution


Via International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation This wheelchair fencing frame has been designed by Imperial College London to reduce the cost of entry to this exciting sport and encourage more people to give it a try, en garde! You can see the team’s work and follow their instructions in these youtube videos: Download the Wheelchair […] Read the rest →

Horse mounting ramp

February 9, 2018 in Solution

Horse mounting ramp

Via Airplanes and Rockets This design looks perfect for riders with reduced mobility who need a walking frame or wheelchair. Simply roll on up to the platform where you’re at the perfect height to mount the horse. Let us know if you give this one a try! Download the Horse mounting ramp blueprints Read more at Airplanes and […] Read the rest →

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by pete

Prosthetics from the garage

February 7, 2018 in Solution

This man and what he’s doing with a 3D printer are incredible. “Heroes are ordinary people that do extraordinary things.” A hand for £20 🙂 Read the rest →

wireless sewing machine for special needs pupils and adults in schools for textiles

November 26, 2017 in Challenge

phillip shad has invented the wireless sewing machine for special needs pupils in schools for art/design. He is seeking an investor to take the technology to the next level. mobile 07860764636 Read the rest →

Make your own cup holder

November 15, 2017 in Solution

Cup_holder mock up with bottles cups glass

This cup holder is a nifty addition to a wheelchair, walking frame or even a crutch that means you’ll always have the essentials to hand. Make it your own with an engraving! How to make your cup holder: 1. Download the .DXF file and add your name or a motif to engrave 2. Load the […] Read the rest →

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