Horse mounting ramp

February 9, 2018 in Solution

Horse mounting ramp

Via Airplanes and Rockets This design looks perfect for riders with reduced mobility who need a walking frame or wheelchair. Simply roll on up to the platform where you’re at the perfect height to mount the horse. Let us know if you give this one a try! Download the Horse mounting ramp blueprints Read more at Airplanes and […] Read the rest →

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by pete

Prosthetics from the garage

February 7, 2018 in Solution

This man and what he’s doing with a 3D printer are incredible. “Heroes are ordinary people that do extraordinary things.” A hand for £20 🙂 Read the rest →

wireless sewing machine for special needs pupils and adults in schools for textiles

November 26, 2017 in Challenge

phillip shad has invented the wireless sewing machine for special needs pupils in schools for art/design. He is seeking an investor to take the technology to the next level. mobile 07860764636 Read the rest →

Make your own cup holder

November 15, 2017 in Solution

Cup_holder mock up with bottles cups glass

This cup holder is a nifty addition to a wheelchair, walking frame or even a crutch that means you’ll always have the essentials to hand. Make it your own with an engraving! How to make your cup holder: 1. Download the .DXF file and add your name or a motif to engrave 2. Load the […] Read the rest →

3D printed bottle openers – Put to the test

November 13, 2017 in Solution

3D printed assistive bottle openers

Bottle openers can give an extra helping hand for people with reduced grip strength, arthritis or other conditions affecting the fingers and hands. Get a grip on that lid and take a swig in style with your very own 3D printed bottle opener – but which should you choose?! Digital design and manufacturing means we […] Read the rest →

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Laptop Keyguard

October 31, 2017 in Solution

Cracked-it Laptop Keyguard

Designed for portability, this keyguard fits on a Lenovo Ideapad 310 but could be adapted to fit most laptops. Sticky back velcro can be used to attach the guard to your laptop. Download the laptop keyguard CNC file. Remember to click the ‘This Solution Helped Me’ button at the top of the page if you give […] Read the rest →

Our favourite disability designs from 2017’s graduates

August 16, 2017 in Post

Myo myoelectric prosthetic arm

It’s that wonderful time of year again! Young designers have been emerging from universities across the UK where they’ve worked tirelessly to learn the skills they need to design the products and systems that will make our future world great. We are always inspired by design that does good, and as we visited degree shows […] Read the rest →

Wooden Boccia ramp

June 30, 2017 in Solution


This post is meant to show the steps taken to build a ramp for the adapted sport ‘boccia’. It is specifically designed to be played by people with cerebral palsy. A ramp is used to throw a ball to any direction the player aims to. Via Physical Activity Materials & Disability The materials used: Three wooden […] Read the rest →

Wheelchair mounted dog treat dispenser

June 26, 2017 in Solution

image (2)

A dog treat dispenser to aid training of an assistance dog. Download the digital files Remember to click the ‘This Solution Helped Me’ button at the top of the page if you give this a try! Via Tikkum Olam Makers [...] Read the rest →

iPad grid

June 23, 2017 in Solution


This grid is designer to be used with an iPad and AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) software. Remember to click ‘This Solution Helped Me’ if you give this a try! Download the digital file for CNC manufacture Via Tikkun Olam Makers [...] Read the rest →

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