Three wheel converter for wheelchairs

March 25, 2017 in Solution

All over the world, the need for medical aids like the wheelchairs is increasing. The current designs for the 4 wheeler wheelchairs are effective for indoors mobility, but it becomes more challenging when there is a need to go out. A group of Physiotherapists from Iraq developed a clip-on extension to convert all the different designs of 4 wheeler wheelchairs to 3 wheeler wheelchairs. This extension is easily manufactured, cheap, effective and adaptable. This tool will help the users to have easy outdoor mobility with less energy expenditure.

We are aiming to make this tool affordable with the cheapest possible prices to the people who are in need for it inside the United Kingdom and all over the world.

Help us to achieve this goal.

Watch this short video if you are interested!


Full view vertical 3W Front view Left View High View Right view Full wide view


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  1. Hi Hasan, this concept seems to really be working in your video – it looks great! My advice would be to find a way to use more readily available materials and make the design so that it requires less skill to manufacture – so the design becomes even more accessible. I wonder if there’s a way to repurpose a child’s bike to make the front wheel assembly?

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