Securing a bubble tube.

October 25, 2016 in Solution


You will need:

  • A bubble tube
  • A drill and (depending on walls) a masonry drill bit
  • Wall plugs
  • Eye hooks
  • Cable ties

This task took about ten minutes and cost approximately £3.

I was setting up a sensory bedroom for my son and needed to find a way to secure the bubble tube to the wall. Bubble tube clamps are so expensive and the soil-pipe-clamp solution wouldn’t work as we needed 8cm clearance for the tube to be upright due to the width of the base and the pipe clamps we found only gave 6cm clearance.

It was positioned in a corner already so couldn’t be pushed over but I needed to stop it being pulled. I drilled two holes in the walls, one near the top, one, on the other wall, near the bottom. I inserted wall plugs and screwed in eye hooks (cost a few pounds from b&q) and then used cable ties to secure the bubble tube to the eye hooks.

It is a very unobtrusive solution and if the water needs changing you can just cut the cable ties and replace them as they’re very cheap.

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