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Pram and wheel chair hood

January 4, 2017 in Solution


the old hood on the left was paid by a charity from the company who provided us with my sons wheel chair who is 5 years old. I never used it because it would sit in his face and it was so small it didn’t protect him at all from the Sun. The new hood which I found after someone else posted about it on a special needs group on Facebook, is from mothercare, cost me £15 in the half price sale and as you can see the difference in the pictures is just amazing. My son is big for his age and though he can’t get the full use out of the hood it does the job so much better. It covers his face and shields him from wind, rain and the sun. If he was smaller the hood unzips and would go right down to the foot plates with a clear plastic cover so he can be seen and see out. By far the best thing I’ve found in 5 years and I know many other families will benefit too.

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