opening sports cap drinks

April 20, 2016 in Challenge, Post

Do you have a special technique to open pesky sports cap drinks?

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  1. This has already been solved by someone else:
    If you can get access to a 3D printer (I believe quite a lot of libraries have them), a universal bottle opener can be printed:
    Best Regards
    Trev Jackson

    • Thanks for the tip Trevor! This looks like it would definitely work to unscrew the whole cap, I wonder if it could be adapted to take off the cap so you could still use the sports bottle lid? Looks like a bit of adaptation may be in order!

  2. Cat said on May 29, 2020

    There are already commercially available bottle openers similar to the 3D printed one. I’ve got one like this which was purchased from Aldi a few years ago :

    I have a boa which I also use for opening bottles and taking the (removable) sports tops off:

    A piece of nonslip mat can be used to aid grip, similar to this: and household/slip_resistant-netting-p/non-slip-fabric-0109702-2271-information.htm

    There are ‘dome shaped’ openers that could be another option for the hinged caps: and household/dome-shaped-screw-lid-openers-2287-p/

    Don’t necessarily look in ‘disability’ catalogues/websites, sometimes you can find the same thing cheaper elsewhere!

    I appreciate that the original post is several years old, but I hope this info helps someone!
    Cat xx

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