Full length bed guard for single bed

April 7, 2017 in Solution

My 6 year old daughter EJ has developmental disabilities and needs the security of a high full length bed guard. Ā The specialist solutions come with a hefty price tag so we have devised a solution that works well for us right now!

We bought a (high or low) single bed withĀ a good sturdy frame.Ā  We mulled it over for a while and considered lots of different options until one day I looked at our stair gate and thought, thatā€™s it!Image of bed guard with gates in closed position

SoĀ the ā€˜ingredientsā€™ for our hack are:

  • 1 x Ikea Kura reversible bed (although I think the idea could equally work with theĀ bottom bed in a set of bunk beds or a sturdy 4 poster styleĀ bed too)
  • 2 x Baby Dan adjustable wooden stair gates
  • 1 x Wooden post (of a cross section to as close as possible toĀ the bed frame).

Bedguard with gates fully open

We built up the bed following the standard instructions.

This bed comes with one solid end, so between the two corner walls and this solid panel, there is only one long open side left to deal with.

We cutĀ a length of wood (in the same dimensions as the bed frame) down andĀ fixed it as a post in the centre of the long opening, formingĀ a little column in the middle of the frame.Ā  This gave us two ā€˜doorā€™ framesĀ to fit our two stair gates into.Ā  Fortuitously the height of the gates is just right to fit into the openings without leaving too large a gap at the top or bottom to get a head stuck in! And theĀ gate sits low enough at the bottom so that the mattress overlaps the smallĀ gap there.

(For safetyĀ guidance, the UKĀ building regulations for stair & balcony balustrades say gaps should be no wider than 100mm.)

You can read a bit more about it on my blog here

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  1. I wish I could get this made for me so I could sleep better can’t get one from my ot because I’m a adult and nobody funds adults for beds like these which are stupid prices I also use a profiling bed so not sure if it could work with that type of bed as you couldn’t nail anything as it metal very good idea though would even try it with a normal bed even though it hard because of my disability to sleep on a normal bed I would try I would love to make things like this but I really can’t my hand don’t work very well and can’t move my arms to good either Great idea. Should put it on kids disability sites people are always asking fir ways they can make the beds safe most get told to put a mattress on the floor which is what I would if been told if I could sleep like that but can’t it would gave to be moulded to me I can just about use a big beanbag for a shirt time

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