Tray Cup Steady

Date of completion: 20.12.2016



A nifty product to keep your mug or cup the right way up. The Tray Cup Steady was initially designed for Beighton to safely carry her drink from the kitchen to the living room. Simply print it off using your own or someone else’s 3D printer and mount it to a tray of your choosing using two M6 counter-sink fixings.

Here’s the final design, you can download the CAD file and make your own using a 3D printer! Find a 3D printer at your local makerspace, alternatively contact DEMAND Design & Manufacture for Disability for help getting or making this straw holder.


Make it Yourself

Download the necessary files using the download button and start printing, if you don’t have access to a printer you can use one of the available online services or buy one ready made from us!


Buy One Here

If you can’t make one yourself or you just don’t have the time,  you can buy a ready made one from DEMAND’s online store here. Remember to ask for our VAT exemption certificate if you’re eligible.


Donate to Help Others

If you like the look of what the team at DEMAND Design and Manufacture do you can donate to the charity here


Project Files

Tray Cup Steady

A nifty product to keep your mug or cup the right way up


More screenshots:
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