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Wireless Night Time Dementia Alarm

February 22, 2016 in Challenge

AideAlert Sensor

The Request A head nurse at a local care home came to us to request a wireless alarm system that alerted her when one of her residential dementia patients gets out of bed during the night and wanders around, potential hurting themselves. The Current Problem The current type of device that is used at the care home is […] Read the rest →

A way to get more disabled people involved in exercise?

November 16, 2015 in Challenge


I have been given a design brief at university to design a new piece of sports equipment for a disabled person to help them get more involved in sport and exercise and I have decided to go in the direction to help people in wheelchairs as there aren’t many gyms that are wheelchair accessible. I […] Read the rest →

An Ironing Board for Wheelchair Users – Example Challenge

August 13, 2015 in Challenge


The Problem as it stands Whilst working for a charity called DEMAND that designs and manufactures bespoke pieces of disability equipment, a request came to us to create a simple ironing board that could be comfortably used by a wheelchair user, the ironing board had to be able to fold for storage purposes the same […] Read the rest →

How can I eat my soup without losing it everywhere?

March 21, 2014 in Challenge

I have terrible trouble eating from a spoon. It tilts this way and that and I make a mess often. I’m fed up and could do with some help with this. Read the rest →

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