3D printed assistive devices

Awesome assistive devices that can be made using a 3D printer.
Do you have a 3D-printable assistive device design? Share it with our community!

3D printed bottle openers – Put to the test

Wheelchair mounted dog treat dispenser

Zocus assistive camera lens adjuster

E-Nable Raptor Reloaded Prosthetic hand

3D printed Nail varnish helper

Zip Grip

3D printed nail holder

Tap lever

Crutch Clip

Drawer opening assistant

Bottle top opener

Kindle Page turner

3D printed soap dispenser

Speed Shoe

joystick guide

Brake handle extender

3D printed Fidgit

Sand feet for walker

Deadbolt key fob

tablet grabber

Chunky zip fob

Key turner – 3D printed

Switch casing

3D printed card holder

Bottle top opener

Plug pull

Water bottle opener

Arm Spork

Chopstick helper

Selfie stick support

Right angled cutlery holder

Skull Cane topper

Multi purpose gripping aid

Pencil topper and page turner

Carton handle

Sliding door opener

Pluck – Ringpull can opener

Multi cup holder

3D printed utensil gripping aid

Asthma inhaler top

Guide dog door opener

PS4 Trigger extentions

Seatbelt aid

Credit card aid

ringpull can opener

Earphone hearing aid adapter

Doorknob lever adaptation

Wheelchair joystick mod

Bag hook

Lamp switch aid

Baby’s bottle holder

Toothbrush holder

Wheelchair control toggle

Pill crusher – 3D printed

Ergonomic trolley coin

3D printed Pencil grip

Pen lid remover

Torch holder

Yoghurt pot opener

Accessible Games Controllers

3D Printed Wheelchair

Keyboard and button helper

Double drinking straw holder

Double straw holder